Starting off in Sony vegas 4 years ago, I got into visual effects. After completing the basics in Sony Vegas, I moved onto After Effects, trying to learn everything as possible. From creating basic 2D animations, and later compositing, I made my way through After Effects. But even that wasn't enough for me. I wanted to create realistic 3D animations. Cinema 4D was my choice. Text Animations, Modeling, Rendering, and Simulations is what I started to love. Never have I ever loved doing so much visual effects. Realistic renders is where I'm heading. After creating many intros and graphics for TV and the internet, I knew that I wanted this to be my job.

Как сделать глянцевый текст в After Effects

глянцевый текст

Всем привет с вами FlameBirdStudios и сегодня я постараюсь вас научить тому, как делать глянцевый текст в After Effects, как тот, который вы видите выше. Этот урок на английском языке, очень жаль, если вы не можете этого понять. Читать далее

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